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We are Roy and Tammy. We love traveling the world, having adventures, learning, and sharing what we’ve learned! 

We are multi-passionate, and want to show you that living a life you LOVE is actually quite easy! 

Join our community, come play with us, and LIVE LIFE ADVENTUROUSLY!

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BadASS Audacious Motivation



Our mission is to teach, encourage, inspire, and spark fires in the souls of those we connect with through adventures, creativity, and love.

SoulFire Reignited Podcast

Women are capable of SO much. In our podcast, we interview women who are doing their thing, whatever that is, and succeeding.  We talk about all the ups and downs, the variety of careers, businesses, or livelihoods they have. We will also talk about life, business, spirituality, mindset, and many other topics. Download, subscribe, and enjoy!


The Badass Artist Motivation oracle cards are created to lead you back to the important aspects of yourself.  These inspirational and motivational cards will help you find strength, inspire you, and support you.

In Play Outside the Lines!, you learn through various creative ways to inspire curiosity. You reconnect with your Inner Child again, go on Creative Quests, and discover FUN again!

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