Helping you take a sledgehammer to those creative blocks!

Discovering the Muse, nurturing the Creative, and helping you reach your audience!

Gently pushing you out of the nest and helping the Phoenix in you FLY!

Oh,...We are going to have a TON of FUN!!

A Bit Of Honesty And Hard Truths

I'm going to be completely honest here,...I am a procrastinator, I'll admit it! I think a lot of us are (at least, I HOPE there are others out there like me!).
I start a project, get waylaid, side-tracked, idstracted (dyslexic!), distracted, forget what I was doing and DON'T finish.
Baby must love me an awful lot, cause I moved into his house and started tearing things apart! It's going on six years and projects I've started WAY back when,... ARE NOT FINISHED!

Incentive To Get Into Gear

This is as much an incentive for you to get your butt in gear, as it is a place to encourage you to do the things you'd like to do.
I am going to show you the horrible nasty side of not finishing what you started and work through how to ACTUALLY get things done!
My goal is to show that it IS possible to go from feeling stuck in a rut to being out there and living life adventurously!