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Are you BORED with life?

Are You creatively lost or floundering?

Are You stuck, feeling like you're living the wrong life?

Is Your soul SCREAMING at you to do SOMETHING creative?

But WHAT? There are SO many options!

OH! To be DOING what you LOVE. To be expressing yourself CREATIVELY!

Painting,...Writing,...Making music,...Throwing clay,...Singing,...Acting,...

Wanna to know something? You don't have to live like that!

I'm here to tell you that you CAN live a CREATIVE and ADVENTUROUS life!

You just have to DECIDE, and START NOW making some changes in your life.

We're here to help.

Together, we'll work to get you headed in the direction YOU want to be going with YOUR life.

We'll help you figure out what YOU want, to do, to be, to have.

Are you willing to be SELFISH?

To do the inner soulful work?

To be patient and gentle with yourself?

To try new ways of doing things?

To play and experiment?

To have FUN and BE adventurous?

To break OUT of that comfy, safe, secure, ordinary BOX?

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Hi there, Gorgeous!

I can't thank Tammy enough for her emotional and spiritual support. The troubled waters I seem to be treading in my life presently are easier to manage and deal with because she always offers sound suggestions and asks the right questions which, in turn, present the answers that unlock these nodes of hidden unresolved matters with which to work on.

She has illuminated a path in my head and devised a road map for my thinking to make my inner chatter quieter because I'm pooling those thoughts out of my head and onto paper. It's amazing how much lighter your insides feel after doing that.

I am eternally grateful to have her in my life not only as an art therapist, but also a great friend.

-CS Murphy
Christopher S. Murphy

Digital Artist, Farawaynearby

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