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Reigniting with your Soul’s inner fire isn’t always pretty. It’s not always going to be a trip that is fun and joyful. It can be exciting IF you choose to look at your growing pains as a step closer to reconnecting to your Spirit. 

Finding what lights you up, what gets your blood pumping with excitement and joy, finding lost dreams, and bringing them back into the light….THAT is where we can help!

Mentoring With Roy and Tammy

~ Relationship mentoring (with Yourself and Others)

~Life Mentoring

~ Spiritual Mentoring 


I Am…Inspiring Women ~ Interviews with women who are living life on their terms.

Tammy Talks ~ Daily chats about living life adventurously.

Warrior-Lover ~ Roy talks about being a man in today’s world. (Coming soon.)


Courses that revitalize your relationship with yourself.

Discover Your Creative Genius I

Discover Your Creative Genius II

Play Outside the Lines!

Reignite Your Soul Fire

Digital Graphics for Daily Love

Graphics for your computer, phone, or to print and display. Reminders of your Light and Uniqueness!

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Working with us is not for the faint of heart. We will work on teaching you to honestly look at the dark shadows that have been holding you back. Living life like it’s an adventure does not mean always looking at life with a Pollyanna attitude or see it through rose-coloured glasses. It means admitting to yourself that the way you have been doing things has NOT gotten you the results you wanted. NOW is the time to do things DIFFERENTLY!

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Mentoring with Roy & Tammy