Journaling-Getting over the fear of the blank page!

Get over the fear of a blank page

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Jump into Your Adventurous Life!

Jump into Your Adventurous Life!

Just once in your life,….JUMP!

It took me 47 years before I jumped!

I stood on that cliff,…

I stood, and I watched,…

And I wished,.. wished for the courage,…

I stood,…and I waited,…

Waited,.,..and waited for the right time,…

I stood,…and I dreamed,…

Dreamed,…and dreamed about EVERYTHING I want to do,.to be,.to have,…

Finally,…. FINALLY,….that moment came,…

THAT moment,….when I couldn’t stand it anymore!,…

Couldn’t stand,….the pain of lost dreams, wishing…

Couldn’t stand,….the pain of lost time waiting,…

Couldn’t stand,…the pain of losing myself, dreaming,…

So,.. I,…JUMPED!

I hit a boulder (got divorced),…

I hit the edge and cut myself (moved to another state without my kids),…

I bumped along some rocks (floundered for a few years)

But then,….my parachute started to tug,….started to pull a little,…

I can FEEL it,…. it’s starting to open up,….

I KNOW until it is fully open,.. there will be a few more bumps,,..

You know what?,…. I’m good with that,…

I found MY gift,….it is tickling the very edges of my soul,….

I found MY gift,…it will be bigger than I EVER dreamed,…

I found MY gift,….it is MORE than I EVER imagined!!,.…..

I AM at the beginning of my flight,.. and let me tell you something,…

The view,…the view is,…


Can I tell you something else?,…

May I add a little interjection here?,…

You,…yes,..YOU,…Y-O-U,…can be here TOO!

The edge is nice,.. safe,… comfortable,…



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Journaling-Getting over the fear of the blank page!

Get over the fear of a blank page Coloured pens Quotes Pretty it up! -washi, Stickers/Doodles, etc. am/pm stream-of-consciousness writing   Start writing by asking yourself some questions that get to the real meat of who you are! Be honest, this is for...

Jump into Your Adventurous Life!

Just once in your life,....JUMP! It took me 47 years before I jumped! I stood on that cliff,... I stood, and I watched,... And I wished,.. wished for the courage,... I stood,...and I waited,... Waited,.,..and waited for the right time,... I stood,...and I dreamed,......

What to expect from a Mentor

I have been asked when I mentor an artist, what are some things I might be expected to help them with,…or help them learn.

There is a difference between a mentor and a coach.
A mentor is much more personal,..and coach is much more specific,…
A mentor helps with all aspects of your creativity and coach teaches on a  certain part ie: how to paint with watercolour
As a mentor, I support, encourage, make suggestions, guide, motivative and inspire. I am a sounding board,  brainstorming buddy, and a friend who is not afraid to tell you the hard truths. I help you focus on improving your artwork/your business sense (if you want to go that route with your work), assist you with the steps on your artistic adventure.
It depends on the artist.
A couple artists that I am working with right now have very different needs.
One artist, I am helping to get focused on the projects that are most important, time management, motivation, sounding board, and accountability.
The other, making sure they stay on track, that they’re completing a project for a client, that they don’t let life derail them, (personal stuff that they are working through).
I help them learn techniques for
~how to deal with negatives (self talk, external noise, past beliefs, etc),
~how to work through procrastination (setting time allotments, schedules, etc),
~focus (listing everything, breaking out priorities, etc),
~helping with sometimes it seems almost EVERYTHING in their lives!
Whatever it takes to get them on their creative path.

need a mentor

If you feel you could use a mentor, message me. Let’s work to get you on YOUR creative adventure!

That is why I charge what I do.
I start with the 4 private zoom meetings for $150- for us to get familiar with each other.
The first meeting is the Creative Exploration Call,…
~I ask you some questions,
~you tell me what you are looking to accomplish,
~we decide how we can best work together.
The next three calls are kind of a test, for both of us,…
~will you DO what you are asked,
~are you GETTING what you need from me.
If so then you chose to continue and pick a plan, or we part ways.

Be More Creative!

Creativity IS in you!

 Main Entry: creative
 Part of Speech: adjective
 Definition: artistic, imaginativeyou-cant-use-up-creativity
 Synonyms: clever, cool*, demiurgic, deviceful, fertile, formative, gifted, hip*, ingenious, innovational, innovative, innovatory, inspired, inventive, leading-edge, original, originative, productive, prolific, stimulating, visionary, way out
 Antonyms: uncreative, ungifted, unimaginative, uninspired, unproductive, untalented
Every one of us has a creative spark. Each and EVERY one of us.
   As kids, we colour with crayons, draw in the dirt with sticks, build forts, and use our imaginations. We create all kinds of fantastical scenes – fairy tales with dragons and monsters that we slay, we climb trees and make them mountains that we conquer, we turn cardboard boxes into racecars and semis, jet airplanes and spaceships. We build, we create, we imagine.
   Somewhere along the way, on our road to ‘growing up’, some of us forgot that we had that creative fire within us.
Someone maybe said something to us, told us that we needed to grow up, that we weren’t that good, that our imaginations were silly and childish.
Maybe we thought that taking an ‘artist’ path was not meant for us, or it wouldn’t create the money or prestige we were told we needed to make our lives worthwhile.
  Not true. NOT TRUE!!

Think about it this way.

When learning to drive a car, ride a bike or even to write, we aren’t BORN knowing imagination-is-everythinghow to do these things!
We had to study, learn, practice, and then learn some more and practice some more!
Some of us had cars break down, had accidents, some got tickets.
We didn’t stop driving.
When someone told us we were horrible drivers, we didn’t decide that we couldn’t do it, that we weren’t able to drive anymore!
Why would we?!?
We KNOW we can drive, we’ve practiced, it’s second nature now.
We can get to some destinations without even THINKING about ALL the details it takes for us to actually drive a car!
Why should you want to be more creative?
Why should it matter?
You’ve gotten this far in life perfectly fine without it!
Art and creative outlets brush away the cobwebs in your mind.
Studies show that Art is GOOD for your brain, that it stimulates the imagination, makes you more observant, it enhances problem-solving skills.
Art boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment.
It reduces stress.
Cognitive abilities and memory, even in people with serious brain conditions, are enhanced.
Art therapy has been proven to help soldiers deal with PTSD, and patients to deal with traumatic events in their lives.
Art is a FANTASTIC way to be creative, but it isn’t the ONLY way.
Business owners can be creative in the way they run their business or their dealings with clients. All of us can use creativity, inventiveness, ingenuity, innovation in ALL aspects of our lives.creativity-is
We only need to learn HOW to access that part of us again.
Why can’t we be creative?
Why can’t we draw, paint, build, imagine?
We gave up!
Someone said we sucked!
Someone said we can’t sing, we can’t paint, we’ll hurt our fingers with the hammer!
We are going to prove them WRONG!
We are going to stand up to those negative voices, those negative people, those
‘I can’t’s,
‘I don’t know how’s’!
And we’re going to start NOW!

Now to go play!

Take my free course and reconnect to your creativity!

F*** this Self-sabotage

F*** this Self-sabotage

Break out of the same self-sabotage, the same defense mechanism that holds you back. Realize what you do to sabotage your plans, dreams, & goals. Change your life.

OMG! Let me tell you what I just realized!
My self-sabotage, my fucking defense mechanism, my getting in my own damn way is ‘resting’!
I JUST realized that when I get scared or nervous, I crawl up in a ball and SLEEP! Now when I say scared or nervous, I don’t mean something REAL like a bear or someone trying to hurt me,… OH NO!,… I mean of success, of REAL work that would get me to my goals!

Now what I don’t get, what I really don’t understand is that I can work HARD!!

I can do manual labor and help Roy with a sign installation. Or work HARD at yard work, or fixing something on the house.
I can work HARD at putting together my website, research what I need to be able to know needs to be done to get my business going.
I CAN and DO work HARD at all those things.
BUT,…and this is a BIG BUT,…when it comes to FINISHING,… COMPLETING,…I shut down! As in,…all of a sudden (regardless of
As in,…all of a sudden (regardless of amount of previous sleep) my mind says ‘You’re tired,…go to sleep!’
WTF!!! I KNOW what I want to get accomplished, I know what I NEED to FINISH! Something inside me says ‘NOPE,…FUCK THAT,…you don’t want that!’
The upside of this recent discovery is that NOW I know!
The downside is,…WHAT THE FUCK have I been doing all these years!! AND WHY DO I DO THIS!!!
AND more importantly HOW do I change it!?!
Change it? Reframe it? Well,…I know,…I ACTUALLY KNOW what I am to do!! How To STOP allowing my ‘defense mechanism’ to shut me down! I
Well,…I know,…I ACTUALLY KNOW what I am to do!! How To STOP allowing my ‘defense mechanism’ to shut me down! I
How To STOP allowing my ‘defense mechanism’ to shut me down! I
I’ve known ALL along!!

It’s called ACTION!!


Be Adventurous in life and in love

It is actually to MOVE!
It is just to GET UP out of my bed (my hiding place)!
It could be – go for a walk (clear my mind).
Or maybe – do some stretching, some yoga, some Tai Chi.
I even – get to my computer and write a post.
Or possibly – to get onto Periscope or FB Live and talk to you.
It could be ANYTHING,…as long as it is SOMETHING!!!
SOMETHING that gets me MOVING!!
We all have different ‘defense mechanisms’, things we do to ‘protect’ ourselves. Our logical minds sometimes think that what we are doing is going to cause us pain and so it thinks that it is ‘saving’ us from that pain. That stress, that fear of failure, that fear of what others think, that fear of letting others down,…the list is endless!
This ‘defense mechanism’ could be beneficial, BUT NOT when it stops us from DOING. It STOPS us from moving towards our goals, our BIG visions of our dreams!
It STOPS us from moving towards our goals, our BIG visions of our dreams!
We KNOW that the work, the ‘stress’, the ‘fears’, the MOVEMENT are NOT pain-free, yet they are a part of our going forward!
C’mon, let’s be honest, shit and negative voices in our heads seem to take over!
All the grand schemes, goals, and plans are amazing and we are all gun-ho and all in,….then,…the shit creeps in.
It takes over, STOPS us in our tracks, oh, “defense mechanisms’ show up!
Then we get frustrated, annoyed with ourselves, mad, pissed off at ourselves,
FUCK! WHY?!? Why did I do THAT!?! WHY did I stop! FUCK!! FUCK FUCK!!!
Oh yeah,…all of this is SO helpful, SO beneficial,…SO works to get us past that crap,…NOT!!!
All this makes things WORSE!
OK,… STOP!!!
Get over yourself!!
Write that shit out!
Get it out,..and then MOVE!!
Staying in this space, in this place of self-loathing, does NOT help you. REALLY,…it doesn’t!
You can get passed this, I swear,…YOU can! BUT,…let me tell you something, if you don’t realize that you can and that YOU have the POWER, you are WRONG!
You have to be COMMITTED to YOU!
The A-ha moment when you suddenly realize that it’s possible,…EVERYTHING is possible is FUCKING AMAZING!!
It is a kick in the head!
‘Are you shitting me?!? This was in ME?!’ ‘I had this POWER the WHOLE time!?!’ O-M-G!!
Why haven’t I been listening to THIS voice,…THIS VOICE IS ME!!’ (The ME I’ve wanted to be,…)


I get up in the morning looking for an adventure.

You wanna know something cool?
Something that has CHANGED my WHOLE outlook?
I have BORROWED the voices I need to get me where I need to be until MY voices were LOUD and drowned out the SHIT voices!!
I STILL have days when the SHIT voices are there and are trying to take over.
Not gonna lie to you.
BUT NOW,…those borrowed voices are available and I can use them to tell the SHIT voices to SHUT THE FUCK UP!! HOT DAMN!! SO AMAZING!!
Hey,…T,…where did you GET these ‘borrowed’ voices?!?
Oh,..yeah,…you might want to know THAT,…may be helpful!
MY borrowed voices are the voices of people I admire, that I respect, that have made an impact on my life (a POSITIVE impact).
Who are they? Who are these people who I listen to,…
Roy (Baby) Mertz
Kat Loterzo
Kai Ashley
Leonie Dawson
Janelle Romero
and others
These people remind me that I have the POWER in me! That I have the strength and will power!
If you need to ‘borrow’ a voice,…you can ‘borrow’ mine, I will work with you and help you.
We can work together and get you past all the SHIT.
Contact me, email me (
FB message me (ACoupleAdventurers) we can set up a Zoom call and see if we can work together.