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Masterclasses - Creativity

Discover Your Creative Genius 

Embrace Your Creative Genius 

Explore Your Creative Genius

Play Outside the Lines! Course

Rekindle Your SoulFire

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Discover Yourself and Remember Your Dreams

Embrace Who You Really Are and What You Really Want in Life

Explore Your Connections to Self and Others

Play Outside the Lines! Course

Rekindle Your SoulFire

SoulFire Reignited Podcast

Tammy Goerke shares a podcast about women living their best lives. A mix of solo chats and Interviews with women who are living life THEIR way, whatever that may be, so that you can envision what is possible for you. This is the place to discover how other women are thriving in their chosen profession. Whether an artist, a business owner, entrepreneur, or stay-at-home mom, we discuss the real, honest truth of what being a woman means to us. These women talk about the challenges and successes, how they deal with the ups and downs of life. These are REAL women who are sharing their stories so that you will be encouraged to live YOUR best life. Inspiration, motivation, and transformation. Let’s encourage each other to grow, learn, and expand our possibilities in this world. Let’s build each other up, let’s light up the world with the beauty that is WOMAN! Life is an adventure and being a woman now is the biggest adventure of all!

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