020 – Action

  What are you DOING? Are you moving towards your goals or have you stop or worse yet, forgotten them? Have you let life get in the way? Being busy, but not productive? In order for you to reach your goals, you HAVE to move! And move in the RIGHT...

019 – Dance

  When was the last time you danced? I mean REALLY danced?! Heart and soul movement? Danced in the rain, or by yourself, with or without music? Go! Get some music playing and dance around like no-one is watching! Don't worry about looking foolish! Don't...

018 – Music

  What kind of music have you been listening to? Music speaks to our souls. The music we listen to can either build us up and lift our souls or depress us. If we listen to music that is dark, soul-sucking, and filled with negativity and hate, how can we...


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