I have been asked when I mentor an artist, what are some things I might be expected to help them with,…or help them learn.

There is a difference between a mentor and a coach.
A mentor is much more personal,..and coach is much more specific,…
A mentor helps with all aspects of your creativity and coach teaches on a  certain part ie: how to paint with watercolour
As a mentor, I support, encourage, make suggestions, guide, motivative and inspire. I am a sounding board,  brainstorming buddy, and a friend who is not afraid to tell you the hard truths. I help you focus on improving your artwork/your business sense (if you want to go that route with your work), assist you with the steps on your artistic adventure.
It depends on the artist.
A couple artists that I am working with right now have very different needs.
One artist, I am helping to get focused on the projects that are most important, time management, motivation, sounding board, and accountability.
The other, making sure they stay on track, that they’re completing a project for a client, that they don’t let life derail them, (personal stuff that they are working through).
I help them learn techniques for
~how to deal with negatives (self talk, external noise, past beliefs, etc),
~how to work through procrastination (setting time allotments, schedules, etc),
~focus (listing everything, breaking out priorities, etc),
~helping with sometimes it seems almost EVERYTHING in their lives!
Whatever it takes to get them on their creative path.

need a mentor

If you feel you could use a mentor, message me. Let’s work to get you on YOUR creative adventure!

That is why I charge what I do.
I start with the 4 private zoom meetings for $150- for us to get familiar with each other.
The first meeting is the Creative Exploration Call,…
~I ask you some questions,
~you tell me what you are looking to accomplish,
~we decide how we can best work together.
The next three calls are kind of a test, for both of us,…
~will you DO what you are asked,
~are you GETTING what you need from me.
If so then you chose to continue and pick a plan, or we part ways.