So,…. Who am I?

I want to tell you a little about myself so you have a better idea of what you’re getting into!
I am very passionate about bringing out that hidden gem of Creativity that is within each and EVERY one of us (EVEN those who think they aren’t Creative, ARE!)
I’ve told you before, my creativity was buried for a long time.
I get it, I DO,… It’s easy to pretend that your creativity isn’t important, that it’s non-existent, that what you do now completes you.
Truthfully,…does it?
Are you being COMPLETELY honest with yourself?
I know for the longest time I sure as hell wasn’t!
I did everything BUT,…I went to school, I went to work, I took care of my family, raised my kids, I started businesses, I exercised, I let life drag me along.
As I went along, I became more and more despondent, more and more aware of the fact that I wasn’t happy, that I wasn’t living life the way I wanted.
I was hiding my creative side, sure I expressed it occasionally, but NOT fully!
It’s funny how sometimes in your life something happens and
An epiphany!
A light-bulb!
An A-ha moment!
A switch in your brain flicks and you suddenly see things for what the ARE!
No questions, no talking yourself out of it, no going back!
That happened to me back in May of 2009.
I was married (had been for 25 years), two kids (one married and at home – 15 years old), and a grandchild.
I was playing with my grandson and my husband was in the living-room watching t.v.
He got upset because we were making TOO much noise!
I realized at THAT moment that I wasn’t going to remain there!
THAT was one of my light-bulb moments!
Two months later, I was divorced and moving to a new state.
I was nervous and excited, not sure of what I was doing or where exactly I was going.
But that didn’t matter, I was finding MYSELF again!
Another light-bulb moment was the first time I got onto Periscope to practice for Global Meditation Scopes with Anita Wing Lee.
I had just started my blog on life and travel, somehow in my trying to figure out how to do this blogging thing, I found Anita.
My way of relaxing is to create, so I started painting to practice for the scope I was going to do for GMS.
When I first got on Periscope I was scared shitless! I was shaking so bad and almost dropped my phone, more than once!
Still,… I continued. I realized, once I kept at it, that I loved video! I still don’t do selfies, but being in front of the camera felt natural, comfortable. I could get my point across a whole lot better than trying to type what I wanted to say!
There goes ANOTHER light switch!
I can use video to reconnect people with THEIR creativity!
I can help others who feel they aren’t creative, or who like me forgot they are creative!
I can accomplish this through videos and programs!
I got THIS!!
So,….I have been creating,…videos, programs, stepping stones on the path of life, branches of that Creative tree.
I have been watching videos on how to be more professional, how to better reach your audience, connect with your tribe, etc. etc. etc
They are giving me suggestions of what to wear, what kind of background/backdrop I need, all kinds of great information;
EXCEPT,…these things aren’t ME!
Don’t get me wrong
I LOVE to dress up,
I LOVE pretty things,
I love all the extravagant accouterments.
But,…I’m most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, or a simple dress.
So,…I’ve decided that I’m going to do things differently,
I am going to be ME!
I have a question for you – Are you going to be impressed or intimidated by the fancy-schmancy background scenery?
Let’s be honest here, if we are going to work together and you are going to go through all our programs, are you going to be paying attention what I can help you with, or are you going to focus on my fancy duds?
Yes, some days you will get the fancy (I told you I like to get dressed up, and sometimes for no reason other than I want to!), most days you will get the comfortable ME.
Either way, you will always get the best from me!
So,….(apparently my fav way to start a thought!) this is what I’m doing! I am reaching out, I am connecting, I am changing lives! Guess what?!? Believe it or not,…YOU can do the same thing! YOU can decide to allow for that light-bulb, that epiphany, that switch to flick,….I DO believe YOU have to allow it. YOU just have to be OPEN to the CHANGE!
Guess what?!?
Believe it or not,…YOU can do the same thing!
YOU can decide to allow for that light-bulb, that epiphany, that switch to flick,….I DO believe
YOU have to allow it.
YOU just have to be OPEN to the CHANGE!
Let me know what your thoughts are on all this!
Have you had any ‘light-bulb’ moments? Tell me about them in the comments below .
What are your thoughts on the videos? Let me know in the comments below .
Have you decided to make a change in your life? Start one of the programs.
Just remember to start living a Creative Adventurous life, you have to START RIGHT NOW!