You CAN have a more artistically creative life; even if you don't have time, feel you aren't good enough, or just plain scared to get started.

You’re multi-passionate, love day dreaming, hunting out inspiration. Bouncing around, working dozens of projects, in varying stages of completion, and there are SO many more you want to start! You want to try and learn EVERYTHING, the new, unique, and unusual. SO many cool things, SO little time!
You also have obligations, responsibilities, people to answer to. Work, house-hold chores, fires-to-put-out. Your brain is overflowing with ideas, projects, and creations dying to get out, so sometimes you’re unfocused, easily distracted. You’re a perfectionist, you procrastinate, and sometimes completely STOP. Because of this, it seems like NOTHING ever happens.

Guess what? Life doesn’t have to be like that!

 I get it, don’t have TIME, you have to much to do, other people depend on you. I also realize that you haven’t been YOURSELF, living, doing and being for everyone else. You have been suppressing the creative fire, that expressive, bodacious, spiritual being that is YOU!
You’ve been holding back on allowing yourself the space, the freedom, and the joy. I understand that you feel that you aren’t good enough, that you don’t deserve it, or even have the motivation to change.